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June 25, 2017
A new and improved social site for invited guest only

Hey everyone,   We want to thank you for being patient with us and for participating in this social site. We have gone on to a better place. However it is pretty much obscured. We will send out invites to some of our regulars soon.    if you still want to be part of the community,...

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May 30, 2017
*Updated* A look from a different perspective

We wanted to check the site's validity and their principles in their reporting the truth. So we took a look at their site.   "The editorial direction for this space can be summed up in two words: RESPONSIBLE but ROBUST."   I hope they look at it with a more open mind.   "Singapo...

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Comment by billybond on 30 May 17 at 3:17 -05
Bravo Bravo !!!!! Is good that this article has given a different perspective of things, and not just a one sided view by so-call "victims". By the way, why did they join this forum anyway? I am very sure they are not forced to join and they are of age to know what it is all about.

As someone has surveyed, there are about 20 or more swinging websites in Singapore. Why only this one? Isn't it obvious that there is someone out there trying to sow their hatred for whatever reasons?
Comment by sliic on 30 May 17 at 13:06 -05
Thanks @billybond
Comment by jamie on 31 May 17 at 7:03 -05
Oh my , such wanton behaviour
Comment by yunikon on 31 May 17 at 18:55 -05
Kudos to sliic for this great article!
Love you!
Comment by billybond on 1 Jun 17 at 4:45 -05
"She cautions that relationships have broken down when guys “stray after that” and indulge excessively in such a lifestyle. (What were their female partners thinking?)" ...... hahahahaha .... I can't help laughing at this comment made !!!! Helllloooo ... men, women stray for many reasons, and yes maybe this is one of those reason. BUT PLEASE !!!! Don't make it sound as if this the KEY reason.
Comment by difficultizzy on 2 Jun 17 at 17:11 -05
Swinging vs "straying" - swinging: with partner's consent/knowledge; "straying": w/o partner's knowledge hence the broken down relationship. In fact, swinging encourages COMMUNICATION between partners, which would've been lacking in a "straying" relationship ...
Comment by scorpio virgo on 2 Jun 17 at 18:23 -05
The limit set between Swinging couple differs one from another. The key to any harmonious relationship is communication. One Swinging couple might be okay their Significant Other 'eats outside' while another might only limit to 'eating together'. So from an outside perspective, the person might be 'cheating' on the partner but the fact do not assume and do not judge..ideally but unfortunately not realistically. We are only human, afterall.
Comment by sliic 2 days ago
Thanks @jamie @yunnikon @difficultizzy @scorpiovirgo

Hali Throws a Swinger Party | Secret Sex Lives: Swingers
Sex Swingers Next Door: Ohio Couple Share Open Lifestyle | Nightline | ABC News
Comment by yunikon on 31 May 17 at 20:29 -05
Wow I love this video so much!
I'm proud to be called a swinger.
Don't blame us if you are not being accepted as a swinger, maybe you are not capable to be one. Blek shame on you!
Comment by ludicroussanity68. 3 days ago
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Comment by sliic 2 days ago
Thanks @ludicroussanity68
Bear with us while we move

Yes we are moving not due to the fact that this site was exposed as a swinger's community website but the damaging lies that it is propogating. We have enough hate going round the world today we chose to take the high road and help our friends out instead of fighting a society that encourages social...

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Looks like this site is a victim of some fake news that destroyed the community that enjoyed their liberal freedom.
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